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Is your control system ready for Industry 4.0? Modernize now!

Important note!

The discontinuation of SIMATIC S5 means that modifications to all equipment older than 15 to 20 years is urgently required. Please check the machines and equipment in your company. We are happy to modernize together with Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH all process technologies known to us for you.

Just ask us, we'll be happy to advise you!

Sampas GmbH
Roboter, Robotersysteme, Automatisierung
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Sampas GmbH, Pütz Group, Roboter
Sampas GmbH, Pütz Group

We provide ready to use robot systems and automation solutions which are also orientated towards the future of your operation.

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Sampas GmbH operates in the area of automation, rationalisation and quality improvement. The planning and development of system solutions for plant engineering and industry are among our essential fields of operation. In the process, the respective projects are supported from their conception to their operational implementation, right up to the achievement of the objective.

We look at the big picture, since one robot alone is not always sufficient.

That means we examine what systems can be done away with, what available solutions and processes can be retained and integrated and what areas must be reviewed and changed where required.

Sampas GmbH takes care of everything:

Project planning and programming, project management, interfaces with production, activation, operational approval, production oversight and much more!

So, we will give you solutions which are ready for use and with which you can get started straight away.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


AMB 2020 - Stuttgart


Grindtec 2020 - Augsburg

10th to 13rd November 2020

Automatica 2020 - Munich

NEW DATE: 08th to 11th December 2020, hall A4, fair booth 230

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Contact Persons

Mr. Christoph Egger
(Operational Management)

Phone: +49 7151 604033 12
Fax:  +49 7151 604033 312

Mrs. Gaby Schneider

Phone: +49 7151 604033 18
Fax:  +49 7151 604033 318

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